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Professional Tools for Metal, Wood & Food Marking


Ice Brander

Ice brander with short wooden handle is perfect for marking ice cubes. A custom ice stamp is a specialized tool used by professional bartenders and event planners to create branded or personalized ice cubes for cocktails and beverages. By pressing the stamp into ice before it freezes, intricate designs, logos, or messages can be imprinted onto the surface of the ice cube.

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Hand Held Steel Marking Stamps

We manufacture custom steel stamps from high quality steels. Crafted with precision, custom steel punches are essential tools for marking materials with accuracy and resilience. Tailored to customer specifications, ensuring precise transfer of designs, fonts, and logos onto surfaces. We can supply the following custom stamps and dies: Machine stamp ,Welder’s stamp, welder´s inspection stamp Jewellery stamp (minimum characters height 3.5mm).

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Fire or Flame Heated Custom Branding Irons

Fire or flame heated branding iron is a tool used to permanently mark various materials such as wood, leather, burger buns, and more. Whether used for crafts, woodworking projects, or culinary purposes, a manual branding iron offers a professional and unique way to leave a lasting mark on your creations.

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Steel marking punch

Press Steel Punches

These custom steel stamps are special marking tools with a shank. Press steel marking stamps are precision tools used for permanently marking various materials such as metal, plastic, and wood. Their versatility and reliability make them a valuable tool for professionals and hobbyist in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and more.

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Custom Electrical Iron With Temperature Regulator

This electric device contains an integrated temperature control unit for accurate temperature regulation. It is customizable with your logo/design and can imprint on materials such as wood, leather, and burger buns

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Electrical Iron Without Temperature regulator (BRASS NOT INCLUDED) custom-branding-irons

Electric Branding Iron (on/off switch)

Electrical branding irons have electric heating element to heat a branding iron. Great embossing heat tool. Branding irons are designed to mark from wood to leather and this type Electric Branding Iron’s temperature can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the flow of electricity.

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Flame Heated Branding Iron custom-branding-irons

Flame heated Branding Irons Customisable Templates | Design Your Own Flame Heated Branding Iron

No logo for branding iron? No problem - select one of the 7 premade branding templates, input your text, and we'll handle the rest.

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Branding Iron | Brass Logo Only

Own an Electrical Iron or wooden handle and want a new brass logo? We can help. Upload your artwork, choose the brass size, (back attachment optional), and leave the rest to us.

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Metal Shank for Leather Marking

In case you need a metal shank for mallet hitting your brass logo, it is available for purchase here. We will ensure it fits your brass logo perfectly.

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Wooden Handles

Our fire heated handles are practical when working at high temperatures with a handheld torch.

  • 8mm rod is made from steel
  • Wooden handle attached to the rod
  • Compatible with all branding heads up to 12cm long
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  • bespoke branding iron


    Custom made to order in our UK facility.
    Image raised 3mm to support clear branded marks
    3/4″ thick for prolonged heat retention

  • Other Details

    Designed to work with Electric and Blow Torch heating tools or as a Fire-Heated iron (Each Sold Separately)
    Artwork: EPS, DXF, SVG, AI, PDF. Vector files.
    Suitable for branding wood, leather, BBQ, burger buns, plastic.

  • Availability

    Custom made to order upon receipt of your proof approval
    Standard Order: Ready in approx. 5 business days
    Rush Order: Ready in 3 business days.
    Super-Rush Order: Ready in 1 business day